I empower women of all ages to trust their intuition and live a life of unique passion and purpose.

As a life coach, my focus is on helping my clients to realize their aspirations for both work and life. As part of my counseling sessions, I help my clients discover meaning in their careers and life paths. No aspiration is too tall of an order or unrealistic for anyone. I help my clients discover their highest skills and zones of brilliance while keeping them in alignment with their values.

  • Women who are feeling stuck and unfulfilled, but are not sure why
  • Women who are living for some day in the future when…(fill-in-the-blank)
  • Women who are facing divorce, separation, illness, or a personal challenge they find difficult
  • Women who feel that their life’s purpose is something far afield from what they are doing today
  • Women who feel “there has to be more…?”

  • Helping to identify careers that are in alignment with my client’s vision
  • Developing an informational interviewing strategy
  • Creating personal and professional brands, in person and online
  • Developing an elevator pitch (online and print resume, LinkedIn, persuasive and original answers to FAQ)
  • Conducting Mock interviews
  • Developing a forward career plan
  • Integrating my client’s values into their job strategy
  • Blending and balancing personal and professional effectiveness
  • Developing teaming and leadership capabilities
  • Other career issues that may require support
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